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BuzziSpace develops and designs acoustic furniture and lighting solutions to improve the workplace. They strive to improve the world by using their acoustic solutions. Their aim is to create quality products with the highest acoustic standards.

Standards and qualities are needed to improve noise problems in the workplace. Noise pollution causes great annoyance in the workplace. As a result, the productivity of the employees will decrease. At BuzziSpace, they want to prevent this from happening and they solve this problem in Bladel, the Netherlands. Where the company has over 100 years of experience in cutting, sewing and upholstering foam.

The innovation and combination of design and craftsmanship make the connection to very high-quality products. Through years of experience, a great deal of effort is put into sustainability. Sustainable production plays an important role in the company, why? Because of this! According to BuzziSpace: Make it sustainable! This is due to the careful use of materials and the use of sustainable energy.

Core values of BuzziSpace:

  • All products are handmade in the Netherlands.
  • Unique and modern look.
  • Maintaining a sustainable production process.
  • Application areas: offices, large public spaces, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, lounges and conference rooms.