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Mikomax is a family-owned company and, in the process, official importer of the Hush Office brand. The company is a manufacturer of smart innovative solutions for the office, related to flexibility, acoustics and ergonomics. Unique and smart solutions ensure the well-being of staff. As a result, considerable investment is made to remedy the common problem, and that is poor acoustics. Poor acoustics cause many problems, including decreased productivity, higher absenteeism and work stress. The products below describe the very benefit, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and satisfied employees. And that's what we do it for, better acoustics in the workplace!

Core values of Mikomax:

  • Innovative collection of acoustic products.
  • Focus on design and quality at an affordable price.
  • Products are very flexible in use.
  • Thinking along from an ergonomic point of view.
  • Application areas: offices, large public spaces, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, lounges and conference rooms.