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Abstracta Alumi Pattern

917.00 - 1,661.00

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Product information

Do you prefer dots or stripes? Or both? The choice is yours with the Alumi Pattern. By choosing a pattern you will create more shapes in the room and therefore more dynamics! Alumi panels are widely applicable. You can place them between workplaces, at the back of desks, loose in the space to create zones. It is all possible. The clean, simple design makes the panels minimalist, modern and elegant. To give you the opportunity to move the panel around again and again, you can choose a version with wheels. Just as convenient! We have the Alumi Pattern in three colours: white, light grey and dark grey. Do you prefer a plain panel instead of a pattern? Then choose the standard variant of Abstracta Alumi. You can also opt for a variant with a whiteboard attached to the panel, the Alumi Whiteboard!

Designer: Nina Jobs.

Additional Information


806×1306 mm, 806×1506 mm, 806×1806 mm, 806×2006 mm, 1206×1306 mm, 1206×1506 mm, 1206×1806 mm, 1206×2006 mm, 1406×1306 mm, 1406×1506 mm, 1406×1806 mm, 1406×2006 mm

Frame colour

White, Aluminium


Yes, No


Dot, Block, Plain

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion, Attenuation

Sound tones

Bass (50-250Hz), Mid (250-2500Hz), Treble (2500-12000Hz)


Catering, Office, Education, Public Spaces, Home, Care


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