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Abstracta Zen Pod

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The Zen Pod is a place where you can relax, work comfortably together or alone. The word "Zen" is described as, no work stress, work well concentrated and above all come into balance with yourself. We call this a soundproof booth the Zen Pod.

The soundproof booth is inspired by Japanese interiors, designed with attention to detail. The silence cabin is easy to assemble and to move. The beautiful oak slatted wall provides a bit of aesthetic improvement, privacy and contributes to a positive effect on the appearance of the room. The silence cabin is available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Made of wood, wool, glass, aluminium and steel.

Oh yes, the word 'zen' comes from the Chinese word 'cha'n' which means concentration. Zen is about discipline, attention and concentration.

Designer: Staffan Holm

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Small, Medium, Large


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No, Short Side slat panel, Long Side slat panel


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