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BuzziSpace BuzziFalls Skyline

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The sky is the limit!

With BuzziFalls Skyline you can bring the skyline of your favourite cities into your home as an acoustic room divider. Bustling New York, sparkling Paris or lively London? We have no less than 6 cities with a beautiful skyline in our range. BuzziFalls Skyline are made of double-layered BuzziFelt. This acoustic material reduces noise pollution from, for example, high tones. You can mount these room dividers against the wall or ceiling. By combining the panels with a BuzziFalls Rail you also have the possibility of moving the panels sideways. This way you can easily and quickly create moving partitions or even the effect of sliding doors.

Designer: Sas Adriaenssens.

Additional Information


100×80 cm, 150×80 cm, 220×80 cm, 250×80 cm


New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Paris

Profile colour

Black (RAL 9005), White (RAL 9010)

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion, Attenuation

Sound tones

High tones (2500-12000Hz)


Catering, Office, Education, Public Spaces, Home, Care


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