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BuzziSpace BuzziFalls Standing

649.00 - 3,817.00

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Product information

BuzziFalls Standing offer you the possibility to divide your office in an infinite number of ways with visual and acoustic barriers. Because BuzziFalls Standing do not have to be mounted to the wall or ceiling, you are completely free to decide where and how you will place these acoustic room dividers. This makes these room dividers ideal for multifunctional rooms where you want to change the layout all the time. BuzziFalls Standing are made of double-layered BuzziFelt. This way these acoustic room dividers offer acoustic dampening on both the front and back side. In this way the panels reduce sound transmission between zones and absorb and reflect high-frequency tones. BuzziFalls Standing are the perfect divider in open spaces. You can choose for BuzziFalls Standing consisting of one loose panel or three panels linked together.

Designer: Sas Adriaenssens.

Additional Information


Single, Trio, Extra


Alhambra (204×84 cm), Birch (204×84 cm), Dots (204×84 cm), Grid (204×84 cm), Leaves (204×84 cm), Orient (204×84 cm), Palms (204×84 cm), Parrots (204×84 cm), Pebbles (204×84 cm), Plain (204×84 cm), Rain (204×84 cm), Royal (204×84 cm), Tropics (204×84 cm)

Additional panel

None, Plus (1)

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion, Attenuation

Sound tones

High tones (2500-12000Hz)


Catering, Office, Education, Public Spaces, Home, Care

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