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BuzziSpace BuzziSkin Cuts


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Product information

Let your creativity run wild with BuzziSkin Cuts. BuzziSkin Cuts show that wall decoration does not necessarily have to come in a frame. You can create your own work of art as you wish. You can create a pattern or place the acoustic felt shapes randomly together. The more felt shapes you have, the greater the acoustic effect: every little helps. Noise nuisance caused by colleagues calling or talking, for example, is a problem of the past. This product is also quick and easy to install thanks to the double-sided tape on the back. There are five different shapes and twelve different colours to choose from.

Designer: Sas Adrianssens.

Additional Information


Round (Ø38 cm), Square (38×38 cm), Penta (63×60 cm), Hexa (69.3×60 cm), Shelf (118×24 cm)

Noise improvement


Sound tones

Midrange (250-2500Hz), Treble (2500-12000Hz)


Catering, Office, Education, Public Spaces, Home, Care


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