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BuzziSpace BuzziWrap Desk

602.00 - 1,004.00

Delivery time: 4 - 6 weeks


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Product information

The BuzziSpace BuzziWrap allows you to work with a high level of concentration. This acoustic desk panel envelops your desk and forms a cocoon around you. The panel is fitted with acoustic BuzziFelt on both sides. This means you will no longer be distracted by sounds or movements around you.

The BuzziWrap not only satisfies the need for concentration, it also offers a feeling of privacy and security. Even in an open-plan office. An additional advantage: this panel also neatly conceals the cables at the back of the desk.

Designer: BuzziSpace Studio.

Additional Information


Desk Right, Desk Left, Desk Full


S (35 cm), M (45 cm), L (55 cm)


XS (≤ 120 cm), S (≤ 140 cm), M (≤ 160 cm), L (≤ 180 cm), XL (≤ 200 cm)


Black (RAL 9005), White (RAL 9010), Aluminium (RAL 9006)

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion

Sound tones

Midrange (250-2500Hz), Treble (2500-12000Hz)


Office, Education, Public Spaces, Home, Care


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