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Greenmood G-Screens

1,236.00 - 3,124.00

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Product information

Bring nature inside with the acoustic room divider from Greenmood. The G-Screens are 100% made of natural mosses and are extremely low maintenance, in short, there is 0% maintenance. In addition, the screens are made of acoustic moss on both sides. NATURALLY the right solution for every space.

The G-Screen is available in different colours and moss types as well as in different shapes. Bolmus is known for its high acoustic values, forest and island provide variation within the room.

Designer: Alain Gilles.

Additional Information


Round (140×60 cm), Curve (140×60 cm), Half Curve (100×60 cm), Straight (100×60 cm)


M (160 cm), L (180 cm)

Moss species

Reindeer moss, Globe moss, Woodland (Globe moss & Leafy moss), Island (Sheet moss & Globe moss)

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