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Mikomax Tree

1,299.00 - 1,348.00

Delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks


Frame colour

White (JBS)
Anthracite (JAN)
Grey (JMJ)
Black (JCZ)
Product price: 1,299.00
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Product information

Bring nature into your home with the Mikomax Tree! This unique sound absorption panel reduces noise in the office with a playful touch. The Tree is available in different colours, so there will always be a colour that works at your office. The trunk of the Tree is made of natural wood (as a real tree should be). The use of sound-absorbing panels such as the Mikomax Tree reduces noise stimuli. This prevents mutual noise pollution. Result: more productivity and less stress. A very natural acoustic solution!

Designer: Mikomax.

Additional Information

Dimensions N/B

WOOL, Fire retardant foam including WOOL

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion, Attenuation


Catering, Office, Education, Public spaces, Care

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