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Offecct Soundsticks® Cluster


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Product information

Are the acoustics not optimal? With the Offecct Soundsticks you literally put a stop to it! The Offecct Soundsticks Cluster are a real eye-catcher in the room and also offer a lot of acoustic dampening. The Offecct Soundsticks are an ultimate sustainable product, the sticks are made exclusively from leftover materials. When making acoustic panels and furniture with acoustic textiles, dust remains. These are sorted by colour and then manufactured into acoustic Soundsticks! The ends of the sticks are fitted with recycled aluminium caps. By purchasing Soundsticks, you are not only doing your bit for the acoustics, but also for the environment.

The Soundsticks Cluster comes with a suspension system to hang them together as a cluster. You can also create a straight or curved line. Choose the Soundsticks® Straight or Soundsticks® Round.

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 124 cm

Blue (8 pcs), Grey (8 pcs), Green (8 pcs), Red (8 pcs)

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion, Attenuation


Catering, Office, Education, Public spaces, Care


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