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Offecct Soundsticks® Straight


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Product information

Put a stop to bad acoustics with the Offecct Soundsticks Straight. The Soundsticks improve acoustics in the office in a playful way. You can divide the space without creating fixed sight barriers. The Offecct Soundsticks is a very durable product. In the production of acoustic panels and acoustic furniture, textile remnants are always left over. 0% waste, 100% design. Better acoustics and a better environment!

The Offecct Soundsticks Straight are supplied with a suspension system for hanging the sticks in a straight line. You can also hang the Soundsticks in a curved line with the Soundsticks® Round and clustered with the Soundsticks® Cluster.

Designer: Andrea Ruggiero.

Additional Information

Weight N/B
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Blue (8 pcs), Grey (8 pcs), Green (8 pcs), Red (8 pcs)

Noise improvement

Absorption, Diffusion, Attenuation


Catering, Office, Education, Public spaces, Care


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