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Abstracta is known for creating the best soundscapes. They are discoverers in the field of acoustics and operate in Småland, Sweden, where the acoustic products are manufactured. Abstracta has a wide range of solutions for different types of environments. These solutions range from sound absorbing panels to innovative design furniture with excellent acoustic properties.

Abstracta is a part of Lammhults Design Group and was founded in 1950 by Paul Cadovius. In Småland, research is carried out to determine which materials best suit the type of product and environment in order to produce the best acoustic effects. Products are designed with regard to functionality, form and durability.

Core values of Abstracta:

  • 100% Scandinavian design.
  • Modern and sleek appearance.
  • A step forward in product development and materials research.
  • Application areas: offices, large public spaces, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, lounges and conference rooms.