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Framery, serious about happiness, it's the reason we exist.

The beginning of their story of the soundproof meeting units, pioneer and creator of the quiet booths. It all started in 2010 when the current CEO Samu Hällfors, one of the founders of Framery, had enough of a constantly telephoning boss. It made it impossible to concentrate. They came up with a proposal as to whether the boss could make his phone calls somewhere else, and he clearly replied: "Well, buy me a phone box". At that time, there were no phone booths on the market. So they looked for a solution, we are going to make one!

The first booth created by Framery did not deserve its beauty prize. After years of development and analysing customer feedback, a solution is available. A change in work culture that allows quiet areas to be created. This makes disruptions, noisy conversations, ad hoc meetings and discussions a thing of the past.

By eliminating noise problems as mentioned above, people quickly become happier. Happy people work more efficiently, are more creative and produce better work.

Core values of Framery:

  • Market leader in quiet rooms.
  • Focus on sustainability, acoustics, flexibility and design.
  • Infinite choice of options, colour schemes and accessories.
  • Application areas: offices, large public spaces, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, lounges and conference rooms.