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Offecct is a Swedish company where sustainability, design and acoustics play an important role. Offecct is convinced that manufacturing design products contributes to a peaceful mind. Which leads to better encounters between people. The products improve the sound quality in buildings and different working environments. Products such as acoustic wall elements, furniture, but also suspended ceiling elements with excellent acoustic properties.

The Swedish company Offecct was founded in 1990 by Kurt Tingdal and Anders Englund. The head office and production are located in Tibro and has 75 employees who are ready to work on the development of new novelties and designs every day. In addition, Offecct has no fewer than 14 showrooms, six of which are in Scandinavia, located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Tibro (SE), Oslo (NO) and Copenhagen (DK) and eight outside Scandinavia, located in London (UK), Amsterdam and Rotterdam (NL), Düsseldorf and Munich (DE), Milan (IT), New York (US) and Singapore (SG). Since May 2017, Offecct has been part of Flokk group, the market leader in the design and development of workplace furniture in Europe.

Core values of Offecct:

  • 100% Scandinavian design.
  • Modern and sleek appearance.
  • Sustainable and responsible manufacturing of products, packaging and from transport to waste disposal.
  • Delivering added value with the most important starting point being to understand people's wishes and needs.
  • Application areas: offices, large public spaces, reception areas, hotels, restaurants, lounges and conference rooms.